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Bengals Tight End Jermaine Gresham Is A Big Fan Of Rookie Tyler Eifert

It was an interesting day for sound bytes with Jermaine Gresham on Thursday. The usually shy tight end talked to the media about a few subjects, including some praise for rookie Tyler Eifert.

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Entering his fourth season as the Cincinnati Bengals starting tight end, Jermaine Gresham has been a relatively low-key guy in the locker room. He has been one of those recent additions by Marvin Lewis to help form this highly-focused and professional-like Bengals team. And being low-key may not have been easy for Gresham, as he has made the last two Pro Bowls as an alternate.

Regardless, Gresham decided that Thursday afternoon was a good time to come out of his shell and talk about a variety of subjects. Aside from being a harsh critic of himself and his deserving of a contract extension, Gresham gushed over his new position mate in rookie Tyler Eifert.

"Dude is a freak, he’s that good. I’m not lying to you. He’s going to bring so much to the team that it’s big. We’re definitely a better team. I’m excited.

"I was excited they drafted him. That’s somebody else they can bring to my room and somebody else I can talk to because it was getting kind of boring in there. It was getting so old in there, so when he came it was somebody I could relate to and talk to. It’s been a party since then. I enjoy being around him. He makes plays, he’s helping me make plays. It’s fun."

The attitude on Eifert that Gresham exuded is another example of the professionalism of the 2013 Bengals. Gresham could very easily have sour grapes that the club used a first round pick on a player at his position (as some other past Bengals players would have likely done), but he says they have a great relationship and enjoy working together.

With Andrew Hawkins out for the first part of the season, we expect to see a number of offensive formations with both Gresham and Eifert out there at the same time. We'll see if the two really do help each other make plays to help the offense. That was the hope when the club added Eifert and we're close to seeing the results of the plan.