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Tale of the Tape: Bengals at Bears

Forget X's and O's. Let's dive deeper into what really matters as the Bengals face off against the Bears this week.

Jonathan Daniel

Remember the last game the Bengals played the Bears? Cedric Benson decided he was going to show the city of Chicago why they made a mistake in letting him go. The Bengals won the game 45-10. It was an incredible display on all sides of the football and the Bears had no chance at any time in the game.

I am looking for the same type of game this weekend. Lets take a look at some key matchups.

Marvin Lewis Vs. Marc Trestman


Marvin Lewis is one of the longest tenured coaches. He built the Bengals into a respectable team that expects to make the playoffs every year.

Marc Trestman is the first Canadian Football League coach to be hired as an NFL head coach in over 30 years. The last one was Frank Kush, who went 0-8-1 in his first season with the Colts. Trestman has spent time in the NFL as various assistants, but it has been 7 years. How afraid can you be for a guy that is that far removed from the game. Judging from his picture he looks more Stephen Hawking than Mike Ditka. Plus, how can you trust a guy that spells Marc with a "c" instead of a "k"? When I look at his picture the first thing I think is "crap, I am getting audited."

Edge: Bengals

Andy Dalton Vs. Jay Cutler


Does Jay Cutler even like football? I ask you to find a picture of him enjoying the game. This guy is moodier than a 13 year old girl. Cutler is the QB who excused himself from the NFC Championship because of a sprain. I do believe Dalton is the type of guy that would need to be carted off in order to leave a game. The Red Rifle also shows much more emotion that Cutler is capable of.

Edge: Bengals

Kyle Long, Jordan Mills Vs. Carlos Dunlap, Geno Atkins


In a post that is mostly tongue in cheek, I have to mention this matchup as it may be the most important of the game. Two rookie offensive lineman will be lining up against arguably the best defensive front in football. I don't care how good Long and Mills looked against the Raiders second string pass rushers, these guys are about to get schooled in the trenches. This is going to be fun.

Edge: Bengals

Brandon Marshall Vs. A.J. Green


Brandon Marshall has 11 times been accused of assaulting a woman. He made trouble in Denver and also Miami. The Bengals have had their share of diva receivers and some have brought trouble with them. A.J. Green is not that guy.

Edge: Bengals

Chicago Dog Vs. Cheese Coney

Chicago-hot-dog_medium Cheese-coney_medium

Let me start by saying there is nothing healthy about hot dogs. Chicagoans try and jazz theirs up by piling them high with lettuce sprouts, ju ju bees and bits of sunshine but at the root they are just hotdogs. (What the heck is the imitation relish they use anyway?)

Cincinnati embraces all that hotdogs are. They slather them in chili, cheese, mustard and onion. The Chicago dog can not compare to the cheese coney.

Edge: Bengals




HOMETOWN: Fairfield, OH

OCCUPATION: First-grade teacher

EDUCATION INFO: Bachelor's in Communication from the University of Cincinnati, Master's in Early Childhood Education from The College of Mount Saint Joseph


MOST MEMORABLE BENGALS GAME: Any home game against the Steelers. The fans are unforgettable!



ummmmm, this is awkward...

Apparently, the Bears are one of the few NFL teams that do not have cheerleaders...

Edge: Bengals

Again, the Bengals win in a landslide. WhoDey