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Bengals sports bars: Where to watch the game

We know they are out there, all the local "spots" to catch the Bengals on Sunday's. Where do you watch the Bengals play?

There are many Bengals fans not living in Cincinnati. Many of you I am sure have the Sunday Ticket and watch the games from the comfortable confines of your couch. However, many others love to make Bengal games a social event. In Cincinnati you can travel to almost any local watering hole and catch like minded fans enjoying the game.

What can you do if you are out of town?

I make a point to travel around to see the Bengals at other stadiums. When i do I usually scour the message boards to find a fan friendly bar that I can visit. I have been to a few like:

New York City's Phebe's
359-361 Bowery
(212) 358-1902

The Bar sells shirts lettered in tiger stripes that say Phebe's on the front and "Welcome to the jungle" on the back. They serve Skyline Chili and have a bunch of Bengals memorabilia. On game days they are literally packed with people in orange and black. This is the NYC spot for Bengals fans.

Washington DC's The Bottom Line
1716 I Street, NW
(202) 298-8494

They also sell skyline chili. After every Bengals touchdown they play "jungle boogie" and pass out free orange shooters.

So now it's your turn, where do you like to saddle up and catch the boys in stripes?

If you are an out of towner looking for a friendly place to cheer for the Bengals, post that in the comments, maybe someone knows a hole in the wall that is perfect to sport your Dalton jersey.