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Week One NFL Odds: Bengals at Bears

The Cincinnati Bengals will open the season in Chicago as three-point underdogs to the Bears.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's football.



Generally speaking, the home team receives a three-point advantage by default when considering the odds and spread. It's like the required height for people to ride a roller-coaster. It'll be there no matter what. After that, the spread is formulated.

So it makes sense that the Bengals are opening the weekend as three-point underdogs, especially if the odds-makers are seeing little that differentiates the Bears and Bengals. And that might be a little more true than not with some picking the Bears (we'll point that out later this afternoon). The over/under is 110.

Regardless, the Bengals might be underdogs by Vegas, but their No. 1 in your head and that's all that matters.

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