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The Fantasy Kickoff: Week 1

We're thrilled to introduce The Fantasy Kickoff! Every Sunday, Nick Seuberling and Andrew Miller will quickly review the latest injuries, interesting match ups, and players to avoid as you assemble your fantasy rosters.

Hey everyone! This is one we're excited about. We've decided to dedicate a small amount of time towards discussing fantasy football on Sunday mornings. I've gotten more involved with SB Nation's fantasy football blog as of late, and Nick is a consummate pro at producing a show. It just made sense. Nick is a very busy man, but shared in my passion for getting some new content out to all of you. A lot of hard work was put into getting this up and running (mostly by Nick), so we're hoping you'll enjoy it as we move forward.

We can only cover so much for ten minutes. The goal is to highlight how players performed on Thursday Night Football, address some important injuries, and then point out a few players that stand out in Week 1 for better or worse.

We'd love your questions and comments.

Here's how you can reach us:

Twitter: @fantasykickoff


Good luck and enjoy the games everyone!