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Bears take 7-0 lead thanks to sloppy start by the Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are having a horrible start to the season, with a penalty that could be counted as a 47-yard foul and Dalton's interception on the second play of the season.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It started strong when Carlos Dunlap's pass rush (completely untouched) forced Jay Cutler to throw an incomplete pass on third down, concluding the game's opening possession with a three-and-out. Adam Jones returned the ensuing punt 50 yards.


Unfortunately, Jones' return was negated on an illegal block that moved Cincinnati's starting position from Bears 27-yard line to their 26-yard line -- a change in field position of 47 yards.

After a quick pass to Tyler Eifert for a three-yard gain, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton targeted A.J. Green on a quick slant to his right. Cornerback Charles Tillman stepped in front of the pass and intercepted the football. Initially he returned the football back to the endzone, but the football was called back to the Bengals 36-yard line; it was ruled that Green's contact forced Tillman down.

Penalties that wipes out a 50-yard punt return and Dalton has his second pass of the season intercepted.

It appeared that Cincinnati's defense would neutralize the turnover, forcing the Bears into a third and 17 with 11:08 remaining in the first quarter. Instead, somehow linebacker Vontaze Burfict was assigned Brandon Marshall in the slot, who noticeably pushed off Burfict and caught the 18-yard pass for the completion.

Bengals have second-and-six from the eight-yard line with 9:59 remaining in the first when Jay Cutler launched the football over the middle, back of the end zone targeting Martellus Bennett. The tight end pulled the football down and after a brief review, the ruling was upheld and the Bears take a 7-0 lead.