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Bengals touchdown ties the game on 97-yard possession

The Bengals rebounded after a horrible start, scoring a game-tying touchdown on a 97-yard possession.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Now the Bengals have momentum.

And they needed it. Badly.

After a 51-yard punt that was downed at the Bengals three-yard line, Cincinnati -- who at this point has accounted for a turnover and three-and-out possession -- opened with a  BenJarvus Green-Ellis run around the left edge. Green-Ellis broke contain and gained six yards down the left sidelines. Dalton faked the handoff on the following play, rolled out to the right through the endzone and dumped the football off to Tyler Eifert with wide open space for his 17-yard gain.

Now we're moving. Marvin Jones gained 14 yards on an end around, followed by Giovani Bernard's eight-yard run setting up a second and four from the Bears 46-yard line.

Andy Dalton launches down the right sidelines. A.J. Green shimmies for inside position and leans out with his arms to haul in the 42-yard reception to the Bears four-yard line over Charles Tillman. After a series of unsuccessful gains, A.J. Green lined up wide right. He faked the slant, horribly faking Charles Tillman then waiting patiently (and alone) in the endzone for the touchdown pass.

Bengals tie the game with a 97-yard possession.