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Bengals convert multiple third and longs to take 21-10 lead

The Bengals offense has established good rhythm, but doing so with awesome third down production.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

Armed with a 14-10 lead to open the second half, the Cincinnati Bengals strung together a 12-play possession that gained 80 yards that eventually led to a BenJarvus Green-Ellis five-yard run and a 21-10 lead. The possession nearly wiped out half of the third quarter with over seven minutes on time of possession.

But it was the long third down conversions that made it happen.

With 12:29 remaining in the third, the Bengals have third and eight from their own 44-yard line. Dalton completes the 11-yard pass to Jermaine Gresham, who simply finds ways to gain yards after the catch. Third and ten with 10:10 remaining from the Bears 45-yard line, Dalton finds Green on an amazing out-stretched reception for a 13-yard gain and the first down. Third and 13 with 8:40 remaining, Green tried to haul a Dalton bomb but instead received a 34-yard pass interference by Charles Tillman.

After a four-yard loss on first down, Green-Ellis powered five yards into the endzone for the score.