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Bengals coaches began looking at Browns during bye week

The Cincinnati Bengals knew that this situation with a short week was coming. So they used their bye week to get in some work preparing for the Cleveland Browns.

John Grieshop

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis anticipated this scenario.

When the team went into their week four bye, they used some of that time to prepare for Thursday's game against the Cleveland Browns, aware that the short week would prevent the usual preparation.

We're not going to make dramatic connections here, but as you know, the Bengals first game after the bye week ended up being a 43-17 demolecularization against the New England Patriots. Of course there were external factors involved in that game -- primarily everyone from ESPN, to Fox Sports, to people with 617 and 857 area codes called the Patriots dead.

Since that moment, New England has crushed the Bengals, Bills, Bears, and Broncos (whoa, the "B's" bro) but narrowly avoided the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football.

The biggest question is this: The bye week was on Sept. 28. How much information about the Browns is relevant today?