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Bengals begin with usual primetime performance and 17-3 deficit

The Cincinnati Bengals are playing primetime football and, well, they are playing to every criticism when the lights come on again.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals are either playing to the tune of this song stuck on repeat, or they're completely out of character right now. We're actually not sure. These primetime games show nothing of what we're normally used to and yet, these primetime games are exactly what we're accustomed to seeing.

Cincinnati's offense began the evening with an interception (that led to a Browns touchdown), three punts, a lost fumble and field goal... and the Bengals only got that because Jim Leonard fumbled his punt near the Browns 30-yard line. Despite generating a first down in each of their first five possessions, the Bengals were unable to proceed beyond that. Usually a poor blocking scheme that dropped Cedric Peerman or Jeremy Hill deep in the backfield, or a pass thrown entirely too high, led to impossible to-go situations. Maybe it's the wind (that only affects Andy Dalton's throws).

By the 12:57 mark in the second quarter, the Browns had already posted a 14-3 lead and added a 32-yard field goal with 3:59 remaining in the first half.

This is Bengals primetime football.