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Browns fan boasts that the Browns haven't won anything in 50 years

It's no secret that we'll shamelessly check the internet for random tweets, pictures, etc... and every so often we'll promote them here. One Browns fan talked a little trash to the world wide web. We reacted.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This one is awesome.

Forget the fact that "Tom" is boasting about his team actually not winning anything since 1964, consider that the NFL twice broken down their entire history into Eras. There's the Super Bowl era, which began in 1967 and then the Modern Era, which began with the NFL merger. Who cares if this is in comparison to the Bengals... the Browns actually haven't won anything in 50 years, and that is what you use to talk trash about the Bengals? Then again... it's Cleveland.

Tom's Cleveland Browns haven't won in either era... and by won, we mean they haven't even competitively sniffed an opportunity to win. In fact, we're talking about a Browns team that's been around since 1999 that's won EVEN less -- with all of their 17-18 starting quarterbacks (we've lost count). Heck -- the Bengals have at least gone to the Super Bowl twice during the 50 years since the Browns last won something.

The Bengals are the Bengals... we know who they are. There's a myriad of things that you could talk trash about. Tom seems like a nice guy and he's proudly talking trash against the Bengals while supporting the Browns. Honestly... just leave the whole Browns-haven't-won-in-50-years point of view out of it. It's too distracting.