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INFIRMARY UPDATE: Vincent Rey and Emmanuel Lamur didn't return against the Browns

The Cincinnati Bengals had two linebackers go down against the Browns. Vincent Rey was eventually cleared but Emmanuel Lamur never returned with a hamstring.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

You knew as soon as it happened.

With 10:21 remaining in the fourth quarter, linebacker Vincent Rey trounced on Isaiah Crowell, who caught the football for a four-yard gain. As Rey was making the tackle, Rey Maualuga arrived to deliver an atomic-like shot of his own. Unfortunately, he caught Vincent Rey in the helmet, who immediately underwent concussion protocols.

Vincent Rey Injury GIF Browns

It was an unfortunate hit that happens with a violent sport like this.

With Vincent Rey taken out of the game, it was Taylor Mays that replaced him as the team's nickel backer. Wait? Rey Maualuga and Vincent Rey were in the game, already at nickel?


Emmanuel Lamur suffered a hamstring injury early in the third quarter. We're not exactly sure when the injury happened either. It either occurred on Johnny Manziel's scramble with 10:52 remaining in the third, with Lamur chasing, or with 10:01 remaining when Manziel dumped the football off to Crowell. Either way, Lamur never returned after this series and Marquis Flowers got some work in (well, five snaps on defense).

Rey should be fine. As the game reached the two minute warning, the team announced that he had passed concussion protocols. Since the Bengals offense wiped out most of the fourth quarter, save for a nine-yard pass with 18 seconds remaining in the game, there was no reason to put Rey back in the game.

As for Lamur, we'll hear more as the team practices this week.