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Marvin Lewis on A.J. Green: 'We will see how he does this week'

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis told reporters that A.J. Green may or may not be available this week. We will see... or more appropriate, "I am not a doctor, nor a foreseer of future events, so how would I know?" Yes, how would you know?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis offers his customary vagueness when asked to speculate on A.J. Green's availability. Maybe he will, maybe he won't. We will see.

It's expected. And let's be honest... Marvin Lewis is a coach. He's not a physical therapist nor does he follow the school of predicting things, like Nostradamus (aka, usually be proven wrong on a million predictions, but vaguely hits a few things and is henceforth, called a prophet... smile, you get a 90 minute documentary). He has access to medical information, sure... but how will predict how Green's toe responds 48 hours from now?

And then there's the whole, "leaking information to the enemy" point-of-view. Why give the Jacksonville Jaguars hints at whatever reality will come to pass? Prepare for A.J. Green when surprise... there is no A.J. Green. They'll never know what hit them when the athletically gifted, wiry, three-time all-star doesn't play. And if he does play, then we'll be ready for him. If we really wanted to have fun with Jacksonville, let's push Green out in a wheelchair. And for the first 58 minutes, he'll sit like a quadriplegic with a blanket covering his legs. Then, down by four points with less than a minute remaining, he stands as the blanket sheds off revealing his uniform. We'll give Bear McCreary the rights for the music/score. Green scores the game-winning 99-yard touchdown to win the game.

We like to pretend that information availability in 2014 replicates the technology seen in Boardwalk Empire (OK, so that finale happened... suppose it's better than the Sopranos, right?). We like to pretend that sports is really the fun version of the cold war, with insane CIA-paranoia. We like to elevate recreational sports to a level of nursery rhymes -- I know something that you don't know (see the NFL Insider wars). Where is Julian Assange and Edward Snowden when we need them to crack through the NFL's facade?

Here's what we know.

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green will play this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. That's what Green told reporters on Sunday, confident that his lack of soreness from his rehab workouts during practice last week, is a sign of progress. He will have his biggest test during practice this Wednesday.

"I think I'll be back. I'll practice this week and see how it goes, but I think I'll be fine," Green said after Sunday's game. "I was at 40 percent last week and I feel about 80 percent today. I haven't had any soreness after I've worked out."

Reports over the weekend offered some details on Green's injury. Per the NFL Network, Green has been dealing with a lingering ligament issue under his big toe. Earlier this year, against the Atlanta Falcons, Green played six snaps and pulled himself out of the game. While waiting for the proverbial will-he-or-won't-he conversations that week, it was learned that the injury was strained ligaments at the bottom of his foot, between the middle of his foot and his toe.

Football reporters trying to be medical professionals has to be something out of a Monty Python script.

I suppose nothing will really change. Will he or won't he, is an important question that offers vague responses. At the end of the day, most of us just want to know how it impacts our sh*tty fantasy football teams.

Don't worry. I'm not unhinged. I'm just sitting here, chillin', wondering if we'll see A.J. Green this weekend.