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Jaguars with 40-yard touchdown to close Cincinnati's lead

The Cincinnati Bengals took a 19-3 lead early in the third quarter and secured a fumble on Jacksonville's next possession. The fumble was reversed and Jacksonville reduced Cincinnati's lead on the next play.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars did the unexpected.

They scored a touchdown.

With 9:45 remaining in the third quarter, with the Bengals securing a 19-3 lead, the Jaguars have second and six from the Bengals 40-yard line.

Let's go back for a moment. On the previous play, the Bengals forced a turnover on a Denard Robinson fumble which was recovered by Brandon Thompson -- who tripped up Robinson in the first place. As per league rules, the play was reviewed and overturned when it was determined that the ground caused the fumble.

With two wide receivers flanked wide right, Blake Bortles takes the shotgun snap, fakes the handoff and rolls out on a naked bootleg. Allen Hurns runs a vertical route with Leon Hall on single-coverage. Bortles deep pass was slightly underthrown. Hurns located the football before Hall, who ran past the point of decent, securing the catch and scoring on a 40-yrad touchdown reception.

The Jaguars close on Cincinnati's lead, 19-10.