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Bengals WR A.J. Green done sitting on the sidelines

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green is tired of sitting and watching (the Bengals not win). So he's telling teammates that he's playing... and that comes after reports that he's improving.

Andy Lyons

If you've ever asked yourself, what gets the humble and soft-spoken A.J. Green fired up. What eats him so passionately that he goes from character-introvert to a showtime broadway star -- who snaps his fingers and does jolly-dance routines. Apparently one tie against the Carolina Panthers and then another embarrassing performance against a conference powerhouse.

Following Cincinnati's offensive(less) showing against Indianapolis, Green is ready to return.

Ata boy, Green. Get fired up.

The Indianapolis Colts shutout the Cincinnati Bengals, who haven't posted a goose-eggs on the scoreboard since the regular season finale in '09. Cincinnati failed to generate a first down in their opening eight possessions and when they did, it was thanks to a personal foul that led to Erik Walden's ejection. Cincinnati actually did "earn" a first down two plays later on a four-yard reception by Jermaine Gresham... who led the team with 10 receptions.

Cincinnati finished the game with eight first downs, 135 yards and one of 13 on third downs.

Green, who has missed two games with an injured foot, visited with a doctor in North Carolina on Friday and his prognosis was reportedly positive. That was in accordance to, which speculated Green's chances for playing next week as improving.

The Bengals will host the Baltimore Ravens this coming Sunday.