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Cincinnati Bengals CB Leon Hall returns to practice

Veteran cornerback Leon Hall has had his struggles recently, like everyone else on Cincinnati's defense. After taking off on Wednesday, Hall returned to practice on Thursday.

Andy Lyons

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Leon Hall returned to practiceaccording to the team's army of beat writers... who are allowed to observe the first 30 minutes of practice. Hall sat during Wednesday's session with a back strain, which he reportedly suffered against the Indianapolis Colts last week.

Hall allowed four completions in the first half against Indianapolis, for a season-high 81 yards, including a 46-yard completion and an opposing quarterback rating of 109.7.

The veteran cornerback has played 163 of his 393 snaps from the slot this season. That's far more than Reggie Nelson (43 snaps against the slot) who ranks second, as well as George Iloka (31) and Darqueze Dennard (21). When quarterbacks throw to a slot receiver with Hall covering, their opposing quarterback rating is 80.2. Everyone else with at least 10 snaps against the slot, is over 95.

Unfortunately, like most of Cincinnati's defense, Hall has struggled recently. In the past three games against the Patriots, Panthers and Colts, Hall has allowed 12 receptions (out of 19 targeted passes) for 192 yards and only one pass defensed.

FIRST THREE GAMES 19 12 63.2 87 62 0 1 51.9
LAST THREE GAMES 19 12 63.2 192 51 0 0 96.8

What stands out to you the most? It's the yards after the catch, isn't it? Yea, it is.