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Bengals vs Ravens: Cincinnati with a 7-6 lead after halftime

The Cincinnati Bengals opened the game with an 80-yard touchdown drive. They've maintained the lead, despite Baltimore not having to punt once.

John Grieshop

Starting from their own 33-yard line with 4:34 remaining in the first half, the Baltimore Ravens reached the Bengals 32-yard line with 1:14 remaining in the second quarter. There was a fumble forced by Geno Atkins (but recovered by Baltimore) and a Steve Smith 13-yard reception on third-and-seven.

Once Baltimore ran out of steam, Ravens place-kicker Justin Tucker crushed a 50-yard field goal, further reducing Cincinnati's advantage to one point.

Adam Jones returned the ensuing kickoff to the Bengals 21-yard line following the 30-yard return, but Cincinnati only picked up a first down before Kevin Huber's 49-yard punt rolled out of bounds at the Ravens six-yard line. Joe Flacco took a knee to conclude the first half.

Baltimore has conducted three possessions, all of which ended with Cincinnati's goalline stand and field goals of 45 and 50 yards. Cincinnati has had four possessions, and after an 80-yard touchdown drive, have punted on their ensuing three possessions.

Dalton has completed seven of eight passes for 108 yards. Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard have a combined 10 carries for 29 yards rushing.