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Ravens coach John Harbaugh disputes Bengals game-winning touchdown

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh believes that the officials should have called "progress stopped" during Andy Dalton's game-winning touchdown.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

After trying to pound the football on three consecutive runs from inside the six-yard line, the Cincinnati Bengals, down 24-20 to the Baltimore Ravens, had fourth and goal from the Ravens one-yard line with only 1:01 remaining in the game. This was the moment in Sunday's game that could define an entire season -- if we wanted to overreact to something with uncontrolled raw emotion, this was it. Wasn't it?

The Bengals walked to the line of scrimmage. The Ravens gave Cincinnati the look they wanted.

Dalton secured the snap and drove behind Cincinnati's offensive line. A swarm of humanity slowly moved into the endzone where Dalton scored the game-winning touchdown.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said that the officials could have called "forward progress stopped".

With all due respect to Harbaugh... that's just silly.

GIF Dalton touchdown Ravens

Is it possible that he's talking about Dalton's first touchdown?

Dalton TD Run GIF Ravens (2)


We've seen far more plays when progress was stopped than this, all of which usually lead to a play continuation. We're not saying that Harbaugh is complaining just to complain, but we feel upon further review, Harbaugh will see it with a little more clarity.