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Ravens submit offensive pass interference call to league office

The Baltimore Ravens want an explanation after an 80-yard touchdown was called back late in the fourth quarter, sealing Cincinnati's 27-24 win on Sunday. "It was a great play," John Harbaugh said.

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Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh just isn't a fan of the offensive pass interference that was called against Steve Smith on Sunday. What? Oh, sorry. Steve Smith Sr. According to Jeff Zrebiec with the Baltimore Sun, Harbaugh submitted the penalty to the league office on Monday.

Per the Baltimore Sun:

"It was a great play," Harbaugh said. "I think it shows great heart and talent and effort. It says a lot about Joe [Flacco] and Steve [Smith] and the offensive line that they could make a play like that. It was one of the greatest plays I’ve ever seen.

"That’s how I feel about it," Harbaugh said. "What else can I say? I’m proud of the guys to be able to make a play like that at the end of the game. It says a lot about who we are going forward."

In the end, nothing will change. The best that Baltimore can expect is a "well, sorry about that, champs." It won't change the outcome, nor will it force a redo later. According to a poll at Baltimore Beatdown (SB Nation's Baltimore Ravens website), 45 percent of all voters agreed with the call.

With 47 seconds remaining in the game, quarterback Joe Flacco scrambled. As he approached the line of scrimmage, Flacco arched a deep pass toward Steve Smith. The veteran receiver shed George Iloka and avoided Reggie Nelson, sprinting into the endzone to give Baltimore a touchdown and 30-27 lead with 32 seconds remaining in the game.

The officials called offensive pass interference...

Steve Smith Ravens GIF Touchdown OPI

Steve Smith Ravens GIF Touchdown OPI

Steve Smith Ravens GIF Touchdown OPI

...and Cincinnati won the game.

As a Bengals fan, there's really nothing else to talk about.