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Bengals Margus Hunt said "I'll be fine" after injuring right ankle

Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Margus Hunt suffered an ankle injury at the end of the first quarter. Hunt told reporters after the game that he'll be fine.

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Kevin C. Cox

With two seconds remaining in the first quarter, second-year player Margus Hunt lined up at left defensive end and ran upfield on a pass rush from midfield. Drew Brees swung a three-yard pass to fullback Erik Lorig as the first quarter expired. If you watch with a practiced eye, you can see the right tackle going low on Hunt (ignore the actual coincidental nature of my Vine).

Per ingame reports, Hunt was carted to the sidelines where trainers examined his right ankle.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Hunt walked out of the locker room with crutches but was not using them. Almost like a "here you go, use these when you're not walking or putting any weight on your tender ankle" or something.

"I'll be fine," said Hunt after the game.