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CBS protects Bengals and Steelers week 14 game

If you were hoping that the Cincinnati Bengals would be flexed into another Sunday Night game (and why would you want that?), don't count on it for week 14 against the Steelers.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

According to Burt Lauten, the Pittsburgh Steelers communications coordinator in their media relations office, CBS has protected the week 14 game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Week 14 marks the first time that Cincinnati and Pittsburgh will square off in a regular season game this season. The game, played in Cincinnati on Dec. 7, could have significant implications in the division (like, obviously). The Bengals are currently 3-1 and the Steelers, despite having the same number of wins, are tied for second with the Ravens via smaller winning percentage (aka, having one more loss).

Cincinnati and Pittsburgh have near-identical schedules, save for two games. Cincinnati plays the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos while the Steelers have the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs. This is due to Cincinnati's first-place finish last year in the AFC North, forcing the Bengals to play first-place finishers in the AFC West and East. Pittsburgh and Cincinnati plays the same teams in the AFC North, South and NFC South.

(h/t Behind the Steel Curtain)