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Marvin Lewis on James Wright against the Steelers: "We'll See"

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver James Wright pieced together a career-year on Sunday. Now he has a knee injury, which forced him to miss every practice this week. Lewis offers a "we'll see" but he's listed as doubtful for a reason.

John Grieshop/Getty Images

After failing to practice during all three sessions this week, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver James Wright is listed as doubtful for Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Wright, a former seventh-round pick from the 2014 NFL draft out of LSU, posted a career-game last week against the Buccaneers, hauling in three receptions for 69 yards. His season total is five catches for 91 yards in 11 games played.

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis told reporters on Friday that it's possible Wright plays Sunday, offering a "we'll see". Adding that variable to the Marvin Lewis talking points on players that do not practice for an entire week, Lewis' "we'll see" turns into an "LOL, f*ck no."

Dalton's 30-yard pass to James Wright with 2:37 remaining during Sunday's game was impressive. Cincinnati needed 11 yards to convert a third down. Dalton took the shotgun snap, pump faked and arched the football down the right sidelines.

Dalton GIF 30-yard pass Wright Buccaneers

"We felt as the game went on [if] we got that look, we were going to be able to get it to [Wright]," said Dalton after the game. "He made a heck of a play at a big time and it was exactly what we needed to have happened to help us chew the clock. He made a big play at the right moment."

The pass moved Cincinnati to their own 49-yard line, flipping the field in the hopes of eventually giving Kevin Huber an opportunity to sandwedge a punt inside the five-yard line (he would knock it into the endzone). Following Wright's reception, Jeremy Hill added a 12-yard gain on first down, forcing Tampa Bay to expire all of their timeouts.