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A.J. Green with 81 yard touchdown to give the Bengals 21-20 lead

The Cincinnati Bengals are relying heavily on superstud receiver A.J. Green, who scored his first touchdown on an 81-yard reception, giving him 203 yards receiving through three quarters.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers took a 17-14 lead with 5:32 remaining in the third quarter. Cincinnati, on the other hand, had been lifeless after a pair of possessions that resulted in punts.

Eventually the Bengals had second and seven from their own 19-yard line with 10 seconds remaining in the third quarter. Andy Dalton launched the football to A.J. Green, who navigated under the football to complete the 81-yard touchdown reception.

This is A.J. Green's first 200-yard receiving afternoon; he posted 10 receptions.

Cincinnati took a 21-17 lead, but Pittsburgh answered with a field goal.