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The running play that the Bengals defense couldn't stop

The Pittsburgh Steelers found something that worked Sunday and stayed with it. As a result, the Bengals defense were overwhelmed and underpowered as the Steelers pounded Cincinnati for nearly 200 yards rushing.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals used to call it the Power O, but it was just a variation of the same play. Run to one side while backside players pull to give the point of attack added blockers. It's just power football and when the defense is worn out, or unmotivated, as the Bengals appeared to be in the fourth quarter, it can be a crippling play.

The play is simple, really. If you're running to the left, you take your left tackle, left guard and center, and have them block down (to the right). If there's a down-lineman in the gap to their right, that's their assignment. If not, look to the second level. The right guard pulls from right to left and takes on the first opposing jersey. If there's a second pulling lineman, most likely a tight end (the old counter used to pull both guards) or a guard following the fullback, they will follow the lead-blocker and, if there's no one on the line of scrimmage, they pull through the point of attack and search for the first opposing jersey. It's Metallica's version of searchiiiiiiiiig...

The Steelers ran that play multiple times, including during both Le'Veon Bell's touchdown runs.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have first down from the Bengals 13-yard line with 11:34 remaining in the fourth quarter. Cincinnati is holding onto a 21-20 lead but a fumbled exchange between Andy Dalton and Jeremy Hill led to an Arthur Moats recovery on Cincinnati's 24-yard line. Three plays later, the Steelers have entered the red zone and are threatening to take the lead.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger handed off to running back Le'Veon Bell, who targetd the left edge while following the pulling blocks of right guard David DeCastro and tight end Heath Miller. Offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum pushed defensive tackle Geno Atkins onto his all-fours while tight end Matt Spaeth absolutely buried defensive end Wallace Gilberry. DeCastro and Miller sealed Vincent Rey and Adam Jones respectively while Rey Maualuga, fighting off Will Johnson's block, slided off Bell.

GIF Bell touchdown

Pittsburgh ran the exact same play with 5:17 remaining in the fourth quarter, leading 35-21, from the Bengals 22-yard line. DeCastro and Miller pulled, and Bell swung around the edge to sprint down the sidelines and score his second touchdown.

Steelers Bell 22-yard TD run

Bell was virtually untouched on his second touchdown.

The Steelers generated 193 yards rushing on 31 carries, averaging 6.2 yards/rush (Bell averaged 7.1 yards/rush) and two touchdowns.