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Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis chats with NBC's Josh Elliott

Cincinnati Bengals head coach spoke with NBC's Josh Elliott, which will air during the pregame show for NBC's Sunday Night Football.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images
NBC's Football Night in America will present interviews with Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell and head coach Marvin Lewis. Bell will be interviewed by Bob Costas, while Lewis will sit down with Josh Elliott. Here's a portion of that interview:

Lewis on Week 16 win over Broncos: "It was great for our football team. We’ve been on a one-game-at-a-time stretch for a while now. Winning that game and qualifying for the playoffs was huge."

Lewis on team goals each season: "I put three goals up every season; be undefeated at home, and unfortunately we didn’t do that this year, win the AFC North, and be World Champions. We still have two of those three ahead of us, and we have an opportunity to achieve one of those on Sunday night."

Lewis on serving as defensive coordinator under former Ravens coach Brian Billick, and winning Super Bowl XXXV in 2001: "I always remember Brian coming in every Monday morning, and he would say during our staff meetings, ‘You know, we really suck.’ That’s alright, just suck the least at the end of the year. That’s all you want to be – the team that sucks the least at the end of the year. That’s the team that’s eventually the world champs."

Lewis on Bengals’ lack of postseason success: "This is a new team from the team from last year, the team before that, and the team before that. They are all new football teams, and if anyone needs to be judged, it’s me, because I’m the only one that’s consistent through this process. I should be judged. We’re paid to win. That’s what this job is all about – winning. We haven’t won the ultimate goal, which is to be World Champions."

Lewis on if he worries about winning: "I don’t worry about it, but that’s why we do what we do, and why we work as hard as we do…why we continue to drive towards that and push hard towards that."