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Bengals need linebackers coach and assistant defensive backs coach

While a few position coaches will need to be added, the Cincinnati Bengals are close to completing their 2014 coaching staff after replacing both coordinators.


A little clarity has emerged after Cincinnati's coaching staff has undergone several changes. Running backs coach Hue Jackson is replacing Jay Gruden, who will become the head coach for the Washington Redskins, as the team's defensive coordinator.

Assistant Kyle Caskey, another rising star on Marvin Lewis' staff, will slide into the job vacated by Jackson as the team's running back's coach.

On the defensive side, linebackers coach Paul Guenther will be replacing Mike Zimmer, who is leaving to become a head coach for the Minnesota Vikings, as the team's defensive coordinator.

Guenther's promotion opens a vacancy for linebackers coach. He will be looking for another assistant defensive backs coach with Louie Cioffi, who won't return after joining the team in 1997.

Unless other changes are made (aka, coaches from 2013 not returning in 2014), the Bengals coaching staff will require one linebackers coach and an assistant defensive backs coach. It's possible that they'll need another if Adam Zimmer follows his father in Minnesota -- but he may want to re-create his own legacy. Adam Zimmer replaced Jackson last year, who was the assistant defensive backs coach in 2012.