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Adam Zimmer expected to join Minnesota Vikings staff

Cincinnati Bengals assistant defensive backs coach Adam Zimmer is expected to leave Cincinnati to join his father in Minnesota.


Cincinnati Bengals assistant defensive backs coach Adam Zimmer is "expected to join his father's staff", writes beat writer Geoff Hobson. The younger Zimmer joined the Bengals coaching staff in 2013 after being let go after 2012 when the Kansas City Chiefs fired Romeo Crennel. Spending a season in Cincinnati under his father and helping out defensive backs coach Mark Carrier, Adam learned a lot.

"I've learned a lot from him just the way he goes through meetings and the way he studies game film," said Zimmer via the Star Tribune. "He can coach any position on the defense and demands the attention of the room. The players love him and respect him. It’s been a really good experience getting to learn that."

When asked during Friday's presser if his son would join him in Minnesota, the head coach wouldn't say. And if Adam had wanted to stay in Cincinnati, owner Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis said he was welcome.

"(Brown) told me he wished us the best and he wished we weren't leaving," Adam Zimmer said via "Mike has been great to our family for the last six years. He was unbelievably supportive when Mom passed. He's been great to us. To see him work, it makes me appreciate the stuff he does. He's a very smart football man."

But for Adam, it's all about family. He has to go.

"It would be hard for me to be on a different staff when my dad's a head coach," Adam Zimmer said. "I thought about it because sometimes you want to do your own thing. But for me not to be there for his first game as an NFL head coach, that would be hard for me."