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Mike Zimmer: "They're still my guys. I love them"

Former Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer reflects on time in Cincinnati.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

As we begin transitioning into a new era after the departure of Mike Zimmer, a moment is taken out from time to time to wave goodbye to one of the team's all-time great defensive coordinators. Zimmer spent a few minutes talking to Cincinnati scribes Friday night, hours after he was introduced as the Minnesota Vikings head coach.

He has fond memories of his old team and city.

"They're still my guys. I love them," Zimmer said via "It was great. The fans were great and always so supportive. I'd go out to the store or something and it was always, 'Way to go, Coach.' It was just fabulous. And how hard the players played and the way we were able to mold them, it was a great experience."

Despite the ambitious nature of following one's dreams, it's still tough to leave his guys behind (who are all very supportive and happy for him). And while Bengals fans are at a crossroads about Marvin Lewis, who has lost five times in five postseason appearances, Zimmer will apply some of the things that he learned from Lewis.

"The way Marvin treated people," Zimmer said. "The way he went out into the community and what he's done for the city. How he lets his coaches coach. The way he got along with the front office."