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Playoff previews with the Bengals going to the Super Bowl

Taking a look at a playoff preview at Sports Illustrated, two writers have the Bengals heading to the Super Bowl.


The Cincinnati Bengals are going to the Super Bowl.

At least that's what a handful of writers at Sports Illustrated are predicting.

Previewing how the entire 2013 NFL playoffs will go down, NFL writers at Sports Illustrated fired out predictions with everyone giving Cincinnati the win over the San Diego Chargers. In that scenario, the Bengals will face the New England Patriots in Foxboro. That's unavoidable.Most have the Patriots beating the Bengals. Yes. Cincinnati beat New England earlier this year, but both of these teams have been far stronger at home than on the road. However, Tom Mantzouranis and Austin Murphy have the Bengals beating New England to reach the Super Bowl. One scenario faces the San Francisco 49ers, the other being the Seahawks.

How far do you think the Bengals will ride into the 2013 NFL playoffs?

Win the first-round, lose to New England in the division? Win the first-round, beat New England and then win/lose the AFC Championship game (probably to the Denver Broncos)?