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Jeff Berding: No black out or extension announcement until later Thursday afternoon

Cincinnati Bengals Director of Sales and Public Affairs Jeff Berding provided an update on 700 WLW.

It's been the story that shouldn't have happened.

Not because fans in various cities aren't gobbling tickets; rather the increase cost to purchase tickets and the limited time to coordinate those games. As of Thursday morning, there were 7,200 tickets remaining, according to Director of Sales and Public Affairs, Jeff Berding, who spent a few minutes on 700 WLW Thursday afternoon.

The fine points from the conversion:

No announcement has been made regarding a black out or an extension yet. Berding said that the team is working with local companies, sponsors and the NFL to determine if the team will be granted an extension or there will be a black out announcement. For the NFL to grant an extension, there must be a commitment to purchase the remaining tickets, either by the team or local companies. If the team does it, then they have to pay full price of each ticket -- instead of the 34 cents on the dollar rule in the regular season.

An announcement will happen at some point Thursday afternoon.