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Marvin Lewis on positions they could address in the NFL draft

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, while scouting players at the Senior Bowl, chatted about the NFL draft with Brian Billick on The Coaches PodCast.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Who knows.

That's the byline for the NFL draft this year, and every year prior. We could make arguments for any position that the Cincinnati Bengals could address -- we're just that insanely obsessive. And in some years, the position that Cincinnati needs to address is too obvious ('09, '11). In other years, it's a crapshoot that usually concludes with a tight end that you didn't expect.

Conventional wisdom suggests cornerback. Leon Hall is coming off an Achilles injury. Terence Newman and Adam Jones will turn 36 and 31 years old, respectively, by October. Dre Kirkpatrick is streaky, but relatively unknown. Offensive tackle could be in play, depending on contract negotiations with Anthony Collins and the team's commitment in keeping Andrew Whitworth at left guard.

Who knows. But it seems that the defense and the offensive line could receive a little more attention.

"Defensively, we could hit any of the three spots, whether it's the defensive line, linebacker or the secondary," Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said from Mobile, Alabama.

Lewis, who appeared The Coaches Podcast Monday with Brian Billick, reasoned that early in the draft, they'd like to "have an opportunity" to find a player that would have the greatest impact for the team. Doesn't matter where. We call that the "best player available" philosophy (who the team has highest on their board at the time of their selection).

But with exception.

"Whether it would be upfront on either side of the football," Lewis didn't "foresee us taking a wide receiver high, or a quarterback high." He added that "other position (on) offense could come into play."


Just enough to whet your appetite but only ask more questions. Welcome to the NFL draft.