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J.C. Copeland could help the Bengals running game

I had a chance to attend the NFLPA Collegiate bowl. It was a good day for J.C. Copeland, Fullback out of LSU.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

When Hue Jackson took over as offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals, he talked about focusing on the running game. In my opinion, the Bengals experiment of not having a fullback on the roster was a failure. To have a meaningful, and often productive, running game as the focus of one's offense, a good fullback is key.

That fullback could be J.C. Copeland out of LSU.

While attending the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, I had a chance to watch him play in person at the NFLPA liked what I saw. Not only did he win the MVP for the game, he was also key in opening holes for Stanford running back Anthony Wilkerson. You could argue that his statistics weren't that great -- had two carries for two yards. But both went for touchdowns.

In the post game interview Copeland was asked about his role for an NFL team:

"I feel I can do anything that God lets me do number one, and whatever they want me to do, I'll do. You want me to block, I'll block. If you want me to run, I'll run. Anybody you want me to run though, I promise you I will."

If the Bengals decide on a fullback for their revised rushing offense, Copeland seems like the type of bruiser that could aid in opening lanes. Copeland gained a reputation at LSU as being a wrecking ball and had no problem getting to the second level to take out linebackers. Take a look at his highlights below: