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Third/Fourth down and one data

Accumulated some third and fourth down data with one yard to go.


For one of our postings regarding the team's running backs (which is really a review and preview for the next year), I accumulated statistics on third/fourth and one situations. To obtain those statistics, I went through every game's NFL Game Book on the season and compiled them into a spreadsheet (the things that I do for you...).

Since I'm not planning to do much with them at this point, here's some of the data. Keep in mind, it's entirely generic. There is no interpretation, play-by-play breakdown or NFL ranking. This is for your information only.

  • The Bengals faced 24 third-and-one situations, converting 14.
  • They called 19 runs and five passes.
  • BenJarvus Green-Ellis ran 11 times on third-and-one, converting seven. However, he lost both of his fumbles this year on third-and-one.
  • Andy Dalton had a hand on seven third and one scenarios (sneaks or passes) with five conversions. He was three of five passing (Gresham, Green, Sanu) and successfully converted two on sneaks.
  • Giovani Bernard ran six times, but failed to convert four attempts.
Later during the posting, we added fourth-and-one scenarios. That data:
  • The Bengals faced 10 situations on fourth-and-one and successfully converted seven.
  • They called nine runs and one pass.
  • BenJarvus Green-Ellis only converted one fourth-and-one on three rushing attempts.
  • Cincinnati called six quarterback sneaks with Dalton converting four -- Josh Johnson added a conversion in the regular season finale.
  • Giovani Bernard didn't touch the ball on fourth and one.
Click here for the Third/Fourth and short 2013.

NOTE: If you guys have other statistical projects that you want a hand in, email me directly and we'll coordinate.