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Marvin Lewis on coaching staff changes

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis talks about another reboot -- this time with his coaching staff.

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Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis used the word "reboot" when describing his recent coaching changes. Makes sense. Promote Hue Jackson and Paul Guenther at offensive and defensive coordinator respectively. Then promote Kyle Caskey to running backs coach, and hire Matt Burke and Vance Joseph to coach linebackers and defensive backs respectively.

Things have changed.

"The past three years is gone, we've got new coordinators and coaches and starting fresh," said Lewis via the Cincinnati Enquirer. "Being here it’s kind of the start of the offseason for us as coaches so it kind of brings you back to reality. We’re going to get working again. We’re going to go back to Cincinnati and have to put the staff together and redo responsibilities and assignments and things like that because it’s different now."

Lewis is especially excited to see what his new coaches can bring to the table, but holds Burke and Joseph in high-regard.

"There’s probably no more revered secondary coach in the NFL than Vance Joseph," said Lewis. "Since he got let go with the Texans I've had my eye on him and have a chance to visit with him as soon as I could."