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Bengals DT Domata Peko had a great week

The veteran defensive tackle welcomed his third child to the world this week and then had a sandwich named after him. That's a damn good week.

John Grieshop

During the final episode of Hard Knocks, Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko and his pregnant wife Anna, learned that the sex of their third child was going to be a boy. Peko was thrilled with the thought that he might, just might, fill an entire defensive line on a base 4-3 defense. On Wednesday, Domata and Anna welcomed their newest son to the world.

A day later, Peko was honored at Izzy's "Wall of Fame" by having a sandwich named after him.

"We've got the ciabatta bread and the corned beef from Izzy's – the best corned beef ever. We have goetta, provolone cheese and on top of that Izzy's special sauce," Peko said via Fox 19. "This is the best thing I like to eat. Go to Izzy's and get yourself a Peko Sandwich, man. It's awesome!"

Nice, pitch.

A good week indeed.

It's little moments like these that one appreciates a guy like Peko. A good spirit, great leader, fantastic influence and someone that's really adopted to the city. Despite being born in Los Angeles and playing college ball at Michigan State, he's a Cincinnati guy.