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Three players I will be watching at the Senior Bowl

With the Senior Bowl today, there are a lot of players that will be playing Sundays in the NFL. Here are three possibilities I see for the Bengals.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

The Senior bowl has become the top exhibition game for Seniors leaving college to make one last impression before heading into the world of the National Football League. While I will be interested in seeing many of the players perform, here are three that I think could be wearing stripes next season.

The Bengals may be looking to find a possible quarterback to come in and compete in camp. If this is the case, one possible player could be Logan Thomas out of Virginia Tech. He currently holds the school records for passing touchdowns, completions and rushing touchdowns. He is billed as a big bodied quarterback with an even bigger arm. The big knock is his consistency. Some believe that if he was surrounded by talent he could put up outstanding numbers. Many people have compared him to Cam Newton with his size and talent.

Jaguars General manager David Caldwell had the following to say about Thomas. "Well you have to project a little bit, and what our offense would be, what he'll be two years from now, three years from now, and can you develop. His issues with consistency, are they something that can be corrected or are they something that, as you know with certain quarterbacks, they're just habitual and they've had them their whole life."

This is eerily similar to what was said about Tim Tebow pre-draft.

Another player that the Bengals may look to would be Seantrel Henderson, right tackle, out of Miami. A guy who may carry with him some concerns about behavior in the past, Henderson has good size and length for a right tackle. I don't think Henderson is the type of player that can come in and start day one, but if the Bengals needed to replace Anthony Collins, Henderson could be that guy. Given some time on the bench behind current starters would allow Seantrel the time to mature as a player.

Henderson was an anchor on the Miami offense that averaged 425.8 yds of offense a game. He was also a third team All-ACC selection.

The last guy I will be focusing on is Keith McGill, CB from Utah. After beginning his college career as a safety, McGill transitioned into the cornerback position and was regarded as one of the best in the Pac-12. The Bengals need some strength in the secondary and bringing in a kid that has done well at both positions would be huge. This season the Bengals were forced to have the nickle corner come from the safety depth and adding a player with experience at both positions makes sense.