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Three Bengals earned contract escalators in 2013

At least three Bengals earned contract escalators for 2014 for their performance in 2013.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Most players have escalators written into their contracts, ranging anywhere from playing time to achievements (statistical, awards, and Pro Bowl).

Escalators are a lot like incentives, with the primary difference being how that money is applied. Escalators increase a player's contract for the following season and gives teams a little more control on financial distribution -- for one thing, most escalators are not guaranteed. Incentives force teams to adjust for possible payment because it's tied into that team's salary cap.

A good agent will ask for incentives but teams clearly favor escalators.

According to, three Bengals earned escalators this season (it's unknown what they were).

Clint Boling - $744,000
Adam Jones - $500,000
Jermaine Gresham - $500,000

NOTE: More numbers/information could be released soon.

Over 80 players achieved escalators in 2013 in the NFL, raising their salary for the 2014 season. Andre Johnson earned the biggest increase with a $3.5 million escalator. Lions defensive tackle added a $1 million escalator for making the 2014 Pro Bowl.