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Mike Zimmer generating interest with Redskins, Lions and Vikings

It's the worst time of year -- knowing that at any moment when he's eligible, the beloved defense coordinator Mike Zimmer could be gone.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Traditional to the silly coaching season where teams fire and hire coaches, names are like a tetherball with words like "interest" and "interview" highlight otherwise expected commentary this time of year -- coaches on playoff teams generally become the consensus for most teams interest these days.

Mike Zimmer is that guy this year. Maybe Jay Gruden too. Why not Hue Jackson and my dark horse, special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons. Either way, right now, it's Zimmer.

According to Mike Garafolo with Fox Sports, Zimmer is generating interest with the Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings (which we've already known about). Zimmer has been attached to the Washington and Detroit joins, but only as speculative conjecture from insiders.

Garafolo adds that he could interview with all three teams next week, once he's allowed -- assistant coaches on playoff teams that will play this weekend are not allowed to interview.