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Marvin Jones stands behind Andy Dalton

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton might not have many fans, but his teammates continue to stand behind him as their play-caller.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Let's face facts: The criticism against Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton is coming from the fans (most of us) and the media (local and national). And as far as we know, that's it. The Bengals locker room has remained universally steady behind their quarterback, especially the wide receivers, so in a way, that's a bit of relief. Fan/media discontent is one thing but when it boils into the locker room, then you have a serious problem.

However, Dalton is haunted by the three second-half turnovers during their postseason loss to the San Diego Chargers. Marvin Jones has some advice for his quarterback.

"You just tell him, 'You're in a good position,'" Jones says via "Barely any quarterback has ever been in (that position). We're going to be all right. No panic button. What we have in the locker room is what is going to take us to the Super Bowl. I truly believe that and he's a part of it. Hey, you're the quarterback. You're going to get grilled."

Practical, easy advice. The one intangible that I've held in high regard with Dalton was his ability to store away previous mistakes, often responding with a 10-play, 90-yard touchdown drive. However, there was no tomorrow after the Wild Card loss. That game's mistakes are going to stew for some time.