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An entertaining account of the Freezer Bowl

With the Bengals hosting the San Diego Chargers this weekend, it's given us an opportunity to pay tribute to the coldest NFL game every played.

Conditions this weekend won't be like the Freezer Bowl, the harsh Serbian-like freeze with a wind chill that was cut deep into the the marrow. There will be snow. Maybe lots of it. With manageable winds, if you play it like a chip shot near a coastal golf course. Yet this weekend has given us a moment to remember the Freezer Bowl, a game won by Cincinnati that sent them to their first ever Super Bowl in 1981.

Hank Gola with the New York Daily News, details the coldest game every played in the NFL with quotes from several players years after it was played.

The NFL brought in heated benches from Philadelphia. Bauer stuck his feet inside to get warm and wasn't even aware that the soles of his shoes were melting. Bengals QB Kenny Anderson’s feet got caught in the slots. He got up quickly after a turnover and went over face-first, his face mask breaking his fall.

Give a read. It's a good account, especially for our younger generation of fans.