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PROJECTED: Bengals will select No. 24 in the 2014 NFL draft

Taking a look at projections across the NFL with Bengals eliminated from the playoffs, it appears that Cincinnati will select No. 24 in this year's NFL draft.


The Cincinnati Bengals are going to select No. 24 in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft, according to early projections after Wild Card weekend came to its unfulfilled conclusion.

The Green Bay Packers, who lost to the San Francisco 49ers, will select No. 21 with the Eagles following at No. 22 -- both had worse records than the Bengals and will select ahead of them. The Kansas City Chiefs will select ahead of Cincinnati at No. 23 due to the Chiefs weaker strength of schedule in 2013.

On the offensive side of the ball, we doubt that the Bengals will go quarterback, running back, tight end or wide receiver in the first round. Based on negotiations with Anthony Collins, we could see the offensive line being addressed. On the defensive side of the ball, cornerback, safety and defensive end (with Michael Johnson departing and Margus Hunt not really proving much this season) being in play.