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Three teams interested in Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer

Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer is drawing interest from the Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Redskins, who have already requested an interview.

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As we pointed earlier on Monday morning, the Washington Redskins have formally requested permission to interview defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer (along with Jay Gruden). The Detroit Lions have also expressed interest, but since Sunday's report surfaced that the vacancy is San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt's to lose, figure that Zimmer is out there.

According to various reports over the past week, the Minnesota Vikings have expressed interest with one unconfirmed interview request. There's a third team (again) expressing interest, this time from the team that most recently fired their own. According to Albert Breer with the NFL Network, the Tennessee Titans are interested in Zimmer as well.

The Titans fired Mike Munchak after he refused to fire his assistant coaches.

"I can’t fire someone when I don’t believe they should be fired. Firing someone is awful. Too many people were going to be affected," Munchak said via the Tennessean. "I didn’t do anything to look like I was a great, loyal guy who went above and beyond the call of duty by not firing coaches. I did what you should do and what I thought was right. For me to maintain a job and a lot of guys lose jobs on a plan I didn’t think was right, I couldn’t do that."

The irony now is that everyone will probably still lose their jobs. But kudos to Munchak -- though it appears more as an out so he can get the Penn State gig after Bill O'Brien left for the Houston Texans.

So that's three that we know of for Zimmer.