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A.J. Green and Jay Gruden show support for Andy Dalton

Under the file of obvious public reactions, Dalton's leading receiver and offensive coordinator are standing behind the most criticized quarterback in the NFL this week.

John Grieshop

Even though most of Bengals nation is in the process of abandoning quarterback Andy Dalton, not including those that already have, his teammates have his back. Is Andy Dalton the franchise guy? "Yes", he says. A.J. Green is predictably standing firmly behind his quarterback with full support, saying that placing all of the criticism on one guy "isn't fair."

True. And it is unfair to pile on Dalton for this. For example, as many have already pointed out (several times) this year, Green appears to give up at times, or at the very least, doesn't fight for passes that end up being intercepted -- something that he vowed to improve.

Offensive coordinator Jay Gruden may have put it best.