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One word to describe the Cincinnati Bengals right now

Time to pay the bills. Marshall Faulk asks: What's the one word that describes the Cincinnati Bengals right now?

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

After five weeks you begin to see what your team is made of. There are many aspects that go into being GMC Professional Grade: Focus, precision, consistency. In one word – one word – can you describe your team right now? C’mon, c’mon, give it to me. And let me know, how long will it last?

One word? Hum.

What about infirmed? Cincinnati has gotten by without having several major players, and it's the excuse that makes sense when contemplating Sunday's loss to New England. We could go both ways here.

How about curiosity? We opened the season wondering how Hue Jackson and Paul Guenther would replace Jay Gruden and Mike Zimmer respectively. Other points of curiosity includes how the defense plays without Vontaze Burfict and who steps-in for the injured A.J. Green and Marvin Jones. Now our curiosity questions Cincinnati's follow-up effort this weekend against Carolina.

Confidence is a good word. Every week my confidence in Cincinnati has increased, even nonchalantly believing that the Bengals had New England in their hip pocket. Regardless, my confidence is fine this weekend against Carolina... though I'm not marking this as a blowout like others. That would disregard Carolina and unadvisably shift to overconfidence.

What's the word that you would use?

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