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Bengals vs. Panthers Twitter reactions: Jeremy Hill celebrates Ickey Shuffle

The Bengals let off some steam via social media after tying the Panthers.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

After one of the most frustrating games in recent memory, several Bengals players let off some steam via social media. Adam Jones was the most vocal on how Cincinnati gave the game away, but was focused on improving.

The season is still very young, and Mohamed Sanu there's still time to improve.

The saying goes that "a tie is like kissing your sister". I like George Iloka's saying better.

Carlos Dunlap took to Instagram to make his thoughts known.


Not the result we wanted but it's not a lost either. Tough Hard Fought Game but still a building block we can learn from and get ready for the Colts.. #WhoDey #BeaTheColts

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Leave it to rookie RB Jeremy Hill to take some joy out of this game.

As for Devon Still, he's back to Pennsylvania to be back with Leah as she continues to battle pediatric cancer.

Makes football seem irrelevant, huh?