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Game-saving deflection by Adam Jones, or Jerricho Cotchery drop? (GIF)

Did Adam Jones save the game for the Bengals, or did Jerricho Cotchery blow it for the Panthers?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

All of the attention on Sunday's tie between the Bengals and Panthers has been on kicker Mike Nugent's missed 36-yard field goal that could have won the game. However, there was a potential game-winning score that cornerback Adam Jones surrendered to Panthers receiver Jerricho Cotchery in overtime.


He had beaten Jones and gotten position on him, and though it would have been a slightly difficult catch, it's one that NFL receivers make, and he'd made plenty of times in his career.

Here's another angle of the play:


On this angle, it appears that Jones may have either deflected the pass, or done enough to impair Cotchery's vision that he couldn't see the ball into his hands while securing it.

Here's another angle:


Ultimately, this is the shot that says what happened:


While Jones made a great effort, this was a drop by Cotchery in my book. What do you think though?