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Chronicle: Losing Marvin Jones is sorta big and... the worst in people?

We take on two topics in today's completely random chronicle, which is also a completely random name for a series of postings. Actually, this is Josh being a little pissy and trivial.

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Dehner Jr. writes in response to people tweeting Mike Nugent their displeasure after Nugent missed a game-winning field goal in overtime on Sunday.

We caught a glimpse of the worst in people this week in the reactions to Mike Nugent's missed field goal. They were ugly, horrific and reprehensible. I hope anyone who works with somebody whose reaction our good friend Mo Egger ended up posting on his blog thought twice about their employee. And those people weren't alone. Maybe the most extreme, but not alone.

The worst in people? I get that these people are assholes, and they are assholes, but in no way do they deserve the same qualifier as someone whose actions led them to death row (or serving a life sentence), the actions of a Mexican drug cartel, or the sociopaths of terrorism. When you think of the "worst" in people, shouting obscenities is not the top-dog example that should come to mind.

People who tweet at players about their failures, citing examples that happened an hour ago are repetitive assholes. Somehow Budweiser Bob tweeting something to Mike Nugent because he just felt getting it off his chest was important enough for that player to hear?.. Who is feeling 20 times worse.

C'mon. Most of these guys are drunken buffoons or narcissistic pricks who have the power of Twitter without the fear of real life consequences. These are the same people who pile on so that next time Mike Nugent is attempting a game-winning field goal, he has Heineken Harry and Christopher Coors in his ear.

They are such assholes that even assholes are calling assholes. But they are not the worst. That term is reserved for truly awful people. Not Twitter tough guys. Truth is, if players don't want to hear from these narcissistic assholes, then do not be on Twitter.

Impact of Marvin Jones on IR

Some argue... well, we haven't needed Marvin Jones thus far, so let's not be all chicken-little about him going on season-ending Injured Reserve. Are you serious? Despite not having Jones, who scored 10 touchdowns last season, the Bengals at least had A.J. Green for most of the year and when he was unavailable, the Bengals tied Carolina who had a mediocre passing defense.

In truth, there's only so much next-man-up philosophy that can be applied here. Mohamed Sanu thrived on Sunday with 10 receptions and 120 yards receiving, but we're not exactly sure how opposing teams won't clamp down on that saying... beat us with Jermaine Gresham and running back screens.

On the other hand, A.J. Green is out of his boot and appears to be walking fine.

Latest report suggests that he won't play this weekend... but now it's possible? NFL Insiders are using the science of meteorology here. Though admittedly, they're just telling us what A.J. said.

Either way, don't listen to 'em. Losing Jones is a loss for this passing offense, which has scored seven passing touchdowns all season. You know which teams in the NFL can't say that they've scored seven touchdowns this year... Texans, Jets and Vikings, that's who. Queue the fantasy-driven argument about Dalton even though he wasn't mentioned once.

Bengals sign linebacker Nico Johnson

Cincinnati signed second-year linebacker Nico Johnson, who is a former fourth rounder by the Kansas City Chiefs and Alabama guy. Obviously this is in response to losing Rey Maualuga (hamstring) and Emmanuel Lamur (shoulder), both of whom are expected to miss Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts. Maualuga could miss the entire months of October and November, if  Dave Lapham, who totally never-overreacts is to be believed.

We asked Arrowhead Pride who Johnson really is.

For you Bengals fans out there, Johnson came in as a run-stopping inside linebacker. He will need to improve there as well as his pass coverage, which could come from game experience. He was credited with six games last year.