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Open Thread: Bengals Caption/Photoshop Contest #5

Caption and/or Photoshop this picture... also, we are re-doing last week's contest.

Caption and/or Photoshop this picture......
Caption and/or Photoshop this picture......
John Grieshop

This is a post-game photo of Mike Nugent walking in isolation. What is he saying or thinking? Is he wearing something else besides his Bengals uniform? What is he walking away from, or heading toward?

Last week's Patriots contest was on this photo of Wallace Gilberry doing an "I've been working on the railroad" celebration after a nice tackle, pretending to swing a pick-axe (or perhaps he is pole-dancing, or dragging something):

The winner for last week's caption-only contest is steveinct, who submitted a funny and fitting caption:

"Since I am the only one in the backfield tonight, I will shake my own hand."

However, there were no submissions for the Photoshop contest, and I'm guessing that was simply because the article wasn't posted until later in the day. So this week, we're holding two contests.

Each week, a Caption/Photoshop contest will be held for a picture from the previous game. You can click on the above link to see the previous winning posts.