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Ellen DeGeneres and Torrey Smith make donations to Devon and Leah Still (video)

Ellen DeGeneres brought Devon Still on her national TV show to announce her donation, while Ravens receiver Torrey Smith is also helping donate to the cause.

Jared Wickerham

We already knew Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still was set to appear on Ellen DeGeneres' national TV show to tell the story of his daughter, Leah, who is fighting pediatric cancer.

However, Ellen Degeneres herself made sure to do more for Still than just have him come on her show. She was wearing his jersey when Still appeared on her show Friday, and then she hooked him up up with a $10k donation to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the same hospital where Leah is being treated.

Ellen also said she'll be getting celebs to sign her jersey which she plans to auction off to raise even more money for Leah's fight.

Someone else who's stepping up to help Still is Baltimore Ravens receiver Torrey Smith. He purchased a litany of Devon Still jerseys to support Leah and the Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Leah's honor, per Jon Meoli of the Baltimore Sun.

For Smith, purchasing the jerseys was an easy decision:

"He's one of our brothers in this league, and any time I have the opportunity to support him, as well as any of the other kids in the country who are fighting childhood cancer, it's something that if I can help, I will," Smith said Wednesday.