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Tecmo Bowl Futures - Vikings Vs. Packers

You can go anywhere on the web and find what the experts think the outcome of any game will be. I have my own expert. She was born in 1991 and has had my heart ever since. Her name, Tecmo Super Bowl.

Thursday night football is back with another division matchup. This time we see the 2 and 2 Packers fresh off of a division win against the Bears take on the 2 and 2 Vikings who just upset the Falcons. This is a big game for the division this early in the season. Let's turn to Tecmo to see what we can expect tonight.


The Vikings kick off to the Packers and instantly the Packers go on the attack. Aaron Rodgers finds Randall Cobb who breaks free for the first score of the game.

2_medium 3_medium


The Vikings look to use their running game heavily in this game. Matt Asiata helps to move the ball down the field and then catches a short pass from Teddy Bridgewater for the tying score.

5_medium 6_medium


The Vikings defense plays tough as Chad Greenway records a sack. The Packers are forced to punt.

8_medium 9_medium

At the end of one the game is tied 7-7.


Bridgewater makes a mistake in the redzone and the Packers Sam Shields gets the interception. The Packers again attack through the air moving the ball easily down field.

11_medium 12_medium

The drive stalls and the Packers are forced to a field goal by Mason Crosby.

13_medium 14_medium

Again, Asiata puts the Vikings on his back as he marches down the field for the Minnesota touchdown.

15_medium 16_medium

With very little time left in the half, the Packers move the ball into field goal range.

17_medium 18_medium


At the half way point, the Packers trail the Vikings 14 to 13.


The Packers run defense must not have shown up at the stadium as the Vikings Matt Asiata again breaks off a huge run for another Minnesota touchdown.

21_medium 22_medium

Rodgers and the Packers passing attack answers quickly with a touchdown to Jordy Nelson.

23_medium 24_medium

At the end of the third, the Vikings still lead by a point, 21 - 20.


The Packers are able to hold the Vikings offense in check to start the 4th and receive a punt.


Once again, Rodgers attacks through the air and gets a late 4th quarter touchdown.

27_medium 28_medium


The Vikings get into position for a last second hail mary, but the pass is intercepted in the end zone.

30_medium 31_medium

The Packers take this one at home, 27 - 21.

32_medium 33_medium